The interior design of your home expressing your inner self through CH08

Clarina Hocké, interior designer in Corsier

CH08 offers turnkey interior design projects in any style

Rustic for your chalet and modern for your main residence etc.

Recreate a design for each room in your home - new atmosphere, new ambiance

Clarina Hocké harmonises paintwork with the colours of furniture

CH08 : the key to your interior design!

Our services

CH08 designs interior decor to suit your style, as well as decorations for the table or spaces outside the home.

In our showroom you can also purchase a range of household linen, such as sheets, towels and tablecloths from well-known brands such as Blanc d'Ivoire.

We also stock furniture for inside and outside the home as well as vases, candles and unique and striking table accessories.


Le Phare Chemin des Usses 9 1246 Corsier GE

Opening hoursFrom Monday to Friday - Please contact us by phone, text message or e-mail.

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