Clarina Hocké

An experienced designer for your interior decor in Corsier.

Treat yourself to interior design in French-speaking Switzerland or abroad that expresses the inner you!

CH08 - Clarina Hocké - Geneva - Interior DesignOpen the door and let us greet you with a bottle 

Clarina Hocké studied at Parsons's School of Design in New York City, then did her Master of Science in Communication at Boston University and now works in Corsier in the canton of Geneva. After jobs in finance and human resources, the interior designer returned to her first love of art and interior design.

In a style inspired by nature and the environment, CH08 will redesign your apartment or house in a way that expresses the inner you. Through a preliminary meeting, Clarina Hocké will identify your taste and reproduce it in your rooms.

A home should be harmonious in terms of colour and energy. The philosophy of the design business consists of studying the fluidity from one room to the next.

Clarina Hocké - CH08 - Geneva - Interior DesignCH08 projects emerge from close collaboration between designer, client and architect. Clarina Hocké's objective is for you to enter your own home feeling at home!

Contact CH08 in Corsier to make your apartment as comfortable as a 5 star hotel!